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Die Roquettes_Performance | 30 min | Music-Performance | 2006

Katrin Connan & Marko Pauli  aka Die Roquettes

Galerie Trottoir Hamburg / Galerie Olaf Stüber Berlin / Galerie der HFBK Hamburg / Gartenkunstverein Hamburg / Kunstverein Hannover

The two Roquettes perform their lyrics spontaneously with minimal music.
Having met only a few times prior to exchange some lines of text and improvise to them with an electric guitar, alternatively a bass and an effect box, they bring these „ not-well-rehearsed“ songs into a public environment of well-known context. Up until now this has always been a vernissage.
It is more a play than a virtuose work, keeping the moment where words -mostly french and german ones- and melodies unite in foolishness or poetry, possible also with a little of melancholy, accepting the way it all comes out of the situation.

Photos: Janina Wick / OLGA