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Plattformplattgemächt (II) | Ø 7m | black-lacquered wood, wheels, steel, grass | 2006

Katrin Connan, Lisa Marie Damm, Cora Saller and Sven-Erik Scheuerling in collaboration with Nadine Droste, Florian Lipp, Max Hinderer and Erich Pick
Plattform #3, curated by Martin Engler, Kunstverein Hannover

The sculpture Plattformplattgemächt has been transported in a new context.
We discussed a concept with the initiators of the lectures about Kunsttheorie und Praxis and decided to show the sculpture in some more roles. It has been transformed in a playground, in a stage, in a podium at different times of day and night. Either it has been showed as a naked object, that visitors would be confronted with, invited to watch or to use it, either it has been used by invited artists and art theorists as a stage. Discussions, performances, concerts have taken place on it.
Thatfore we deconstructed the ceiling, installed a live camera on the roof that filmed the aeration-propeller and transported the images via beamer-projection on white screens (molton on wooden frames) that we hung around the „turntable“. We added ventilators and projectors with slides of coloured plastics.