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Plädoyer für das Riskieren, Teil I | Ø 60 cm, 47 kg, 8m | mirrored stainsteel sphere, sand, steel cable, projector | 2007

In collaboration with Sophie Krayer
Galerie Raum 33   Basel

Krayer and Connan suspended a steel sphere from the ceiling of the gallery and filled it with the amount of sand required for it to move during the course of the exhibition. As we know from Foucault’s pendulum it will appear over time as if the sphere is changing its direction where in truth it is the Earth rotating around it ( as shown by Newton).
The sphere’s motion occupied a space between two gallery-walls, the entry to the exhibition and another installation. The visitors have to negotiate this space to progress in the exhibition, avoiding to bump into the object but being drawn to their own reflection in its mirrored surface.